Anaïs Pomeline

Actress & Model

Modeling – Presentation

I began working as an artist model in 2017, first for drawings, and somewhat by chance, my first job was filling in for a friend who was unable to make it that day. Following the large number of compliments received on the standard of my work as an artist model that day, I began to be requested specifically to work as an artists model and would pose regularly from then on, beginning to develop my own personal style, inspired by classical dance, contemporary dance, and oriental influences which are also very much a part of my identity. Posing as an artist model is an artistic discipline which brings together suppleness, endurance, creativity, artistic presence and consciousness. I enjoy bringing artistic propositions to the table and collaborating ideas with the artists for whom I pose, my poses are not set in stone or planned in detail before session, I allow for the feeling of the moment to influence my poses. However, there are certain constants ever present, contusion, elongation, and delivery.

Currently, I pose for photographers and painters, drawing artists, and sculptors and I carefully select individual artistic projects that I am interested in working on.



Physical Characteristics

Height: 5′ 8
Weight: 100 lbs
Bust: 32″
Waist: 24″
Hips: 34″
Cup: C
Dress: 5
Shoe: 6.0

Hair brown, wavy, shoulder length bob cut
Eyes brown/green
Skin lightly freckled in winter, more present from the first days of spring
Skin fair

Body extremely supple

I enjoy posing for artists and searching for poses with maximum elongation of the body, contorsion, and movement, taking artistic energy and spreading it through the body to the very end of the fingertips.


J’ai commencé à poser en 2017 pour des dessinateurs, dans un premier temps, et un peu par hasard : je remplaçais une amie lorsqu’elle n’était pas disponible. Suite aux compliments sur mon travail et aux recommandations , j’ai commencé à poser davantage, en développant mon propre style, inspiré de la danse classique, contemporaine, et des influences orientales qui me sont chères.
Poser est un art qui allie souplesse, endurance, créativité, présence et conscience. J’aime être force de proposition et n’anticipe jamais vraiment mes poses : je laisse surgir le geste du présent.
Une constante s’impose : les torsions, l’étirement, le déploiement.

Aujourd’hui, je pose pour des photographes, des peintres, des dessinateurs et des sculpteurs et privilégie les projets artistiques individuels.


Caractéristiques physiques :

172 cm
47 kg

Cheveux souples au carré, châtain
Yeux marron-vert
Tâches de rousseur légères en hiver, présentes dès les beaux jours
Peau claire

Très souple


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